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M91 HMI text export/import


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I have a problem at present I would be very grateful of anyones ideas about it.

1: a customer requires the screens I have made up translated to French.

Is it possible to export the screens to say excel for the translation then re import them to the program?

I can see in the help it is possible to export/import some things but cannot see how to do it for

screen displays.



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Hi Jim,

There is no way to export displays from U90Ladder to Excel.

Please note - Enhanced Vision models (V130/350/560/570/1040) support powerful function String Library. It let's you in an easy and intuitive way to support up to 16 languages in your application. You can make your program in one language, taking all texts from String library, then export relevant library to Excel, translate to other languages and copy from Excel the translated strings to other libraries in the controller. This way, the translation in fact is no longer part of the programming itself.

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