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I'm working in a proyect to the Variadores S.A Company in bogota, Colombia.


They need communicate the plc with the pc vía GPRS, ussing the program Remote Access and two ENFORA modems.


I have two SIM CARDs one for the modem and one for the other. Claro S.A provides me two IP address whit a APN Server; this is a private network.



In  my program i have:


- name of the PLC ---- Visio570.

- Com init ---- i connect my modem in the port #2.

- gprs configuration and gprs registration.   int the grps registration I'm going to set a MI where the program save the ip address (this is the ip address of the MODEM PLC). You also have to set the APN Server.

- IP to ASCII --- With This function Block the OPCL save your IP Address.

-Start Call ----> I configured the remote tcp/ip port   the number 20257 but i'm no sure about that (unitronics have a video with this proyect but in the video the por tcp/ip is 5000) I am confused about that.  I also cofigured the ip addres of the second modem, the second modem is the PC modem.

- end call

-listen mode ---> i configured the port --- 20257.

- end listen mode.




I connected the network and inicializated the two modems, one for the PLC side modems and the other for PC side modems.


when I turn on the plc and the modems, the plc save the modem ip address and displayed on the screen. when I pressing the button LISTEN, the bit connectect turn on. But the bit Call status neve turn on, when I pressing the button Call , The PLC diplayed the message MODEM TIME OUT ERROR.


I have to do I have to do something very similar to the video on youtube with the name WEBINAR-MODEM.


Please this proyect is urgent for the company. 


THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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