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Simple Communication RS232


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Good Morning,


I need some help in communicating the PLC V1210 to the computer using RS232. I have a USB to Serial cable connected  to the MJ10-22CS25 cable that is conected to the PLC´s Port 1.

This should be easy but i don´t know what´s wrong. I have installed the driver of my USB to Serial cable, and also configured the PLC Port 1 to 232 by using the function Com Init as well as the dip switches. 

In the attachment 1, is shown the attempt of communication failed. 

In the attachment 2, is shown the Com Init configuration.


I would really appreciate any tips of suggestions to work out this problem.



Thanking you!!! Have a great day!!

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Hi Alberto,

First of all, there are no attachments in your post.

Second, I would check the status of the USB to Serial adapter by opening the device manager in windows. Simply type "device manager" in the search pane inn the Windows start menu. click on the device manager icon and from the window that will pop up, select "Ports (COM & LPT)". You should see a device named "Prolific USB to Serial Comm Port" and a port number in the parenthesis.

After discovering the com port that is attached to your USB to Serial adapter, go to Visilogic, select the "Connection" menu and select "Communication & OS". From the window select the port number that corresponds to the one that appeared in the device manager.

That should solve the connection problems. If you still having communication issues (or any other issues) you are more than welcome to contact us at support@unitronics.com.

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If you are trying to communicate to the controller with Visilogic to monitor or download a project then the comport inits are not necessary.
Otherwise how would you download the first time a program to a new controller?


I think that the problem is between the pc and the usb to serial converter cable.

Perhaps you have another serial device so that you can test if the serial communication between
That device and the pc with usb to serial converter works?

Then you will know if the problem is in the V1210  and/or MJ10-22CS25 cable or the usb to serial converter cable.


Another thing that you can try is to go into info mode with the V1210.
Touch the screen in a free area and maintain contact for several seconds.
The controller enter information mode and requests for a password that is default 1111
Then you can navigate to serial and to comport 1.


After this try to setup the serial connection with your pc using the usb to serial cable and the MJ10-22CS25 cable by for example using Visilogic and trying to download a project or from Visilogic=>
Connection=>communication & os=>Get oplc information.
At the V1210 screen you should see RX of serial port 1 incrementing indicating that the controller receives requests from the pc.










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