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Can't fined why linearization does not work

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I am starting a new project on V350 with IOA14A02.

I am simulating 4-20 mA input and trying to use linearization.

X1: D#=819

Y1: D#=0

X2: D#=4095

Y2: D#=10

X=MI 0

Y=MI 20


I have no problem with the input MI0 I can see the full range when I change the potentiometer.

BUT MI20 does not show any result.

I am checking older example I have done and that works on the v130 and it seems I have done the exact same thing.

What I am missing?




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Thanks for you quick advice, 

The block does receive power, and the strange thing is that using the math linearization I am getting the problem described above, but if I use variable numeric and use the linearization it does work.

MI 20 is not used elsewhere.



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Also a simple test to see if MI20 is not overwritten somewhere else within the program is to just change it,s value online with Visilogic and see if it keeps the

value that you have last written to it.

If so then at least you know that it,s not overwritten and that the problem is within the linearization function.





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