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I'm currently trying to make a PLC program and HMI interface with UniLogic.


The problems I've faced so far:


Is it possible to set a default colour for buttons and backgrounds?

Say for example you make a new screen, it's set to light blue, when I'd like it to be a different colour. And the default colour for buttons is darker blue when it'd be great to be able to set the default colour yourself. Or if you could set your own colour palette (for example replace the dark blue with dark green, and light blue with light green).


The "border thickness" of buttons doesn't work with black (FF000000).

No matter how thick I set the border, it just makes the button smaller. Making "border" a taboo search word on the forum doesn't help eighter.

If I make the colour FF000001 instead of FF000000, it works.

So having FF000000 as the default colour isn't really that effective.


I also find it very irritating how when I set a colour, if I move the mouse outside of the colour selection window it reverts back to what it was. I have moved the mouse outside of the window several times accidentally and it can be quite frustrating.


When I started out with an empty screen, I tried to place a button. I accidentally tried to set the "start position" of the button outside the border of the screen, so when I released the mouse button, UniLogic crashed.


Some positive things to even it out:

I really like the little preview window when you hold your cursor over a screen <3






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Thank you for bringing the border color and placing objects outside the HMI issues to our attention. I will pass this along to our R&D department for further review.


Currently the default colors for backgrounds and objects cannot be changed. One method to replicate this feature is to duplicate a screen with a desired background color and have any necessary buttons, text, or images already set up on this default screen.

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You can also apply a style of an element to other elements. For example. you have created a red button, and all the other buttons on the screen are blue.

Select all the buttons that you want to make red, including the red button as well.

Right click the red button, and choose "Apply layout to all selected Button elements", and then both buttons will have the same style.

This feature also copies foregound color of texts, etc.


The problem with placing an element outside of the screen has been fixed in version 1.9 (Soon to be released)..

The issue with the color selector will be fixed on later versions (Instead of canceling the color when the user exits, the "Apply" button will become a "Cancel" button).


The border issue has been fixed in version 1.9

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