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Request: Memory initialize during download


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Hello people,



i learnd from http://forum.unitronics.com/index.php?/topic/1533-state-of-mbs-after-changing-program/?hl=memory+initial#entry5308

that the memory is not initialized after downloading a new program. Thats ok for me.


At "select operands and address" is this option, "initialize during power up".

Could you please add another option, "initialize during download"?

So the variable could be initialized just once during download. Would be very nice.





Best regards,


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Hello Dorian,

If you wish to initialize the operands after download, please do the following:

1. In Visilogic, go to the Connection menu. Select the last option - Communication&OS.

2. From the opened window, select the second tab from the left. On the bottom of the window you will see "Reset Options". Select "Initialize and Reset".


This is a very useful tool for cleaning up the values remaining in the PLC. Please note that all the values that are not predefined as "Value at startup" will be reset to zero.

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Hello Eyal


thank you for the advice. But i still think that it would be better to include it with a checkbox, so that its easyer to access. The other point it i could initialize some

variables to a non zero value at download. I know it can be done with data table and maybe also with sb 75, but a direct way would help.

Can i ask you kindly to consider implementing it?


Best regards


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