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SMS where the first part is the same, the last part changes

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I have a project that receive a SMS of this type:


FIRE at Station 2 Time 11:11.11


FIRE at Station 2 Time 12:11.12


The first part is constant, but the last part changes.


Can this be received by V570 and used to trigger a MB ? The message Fire at Station 2 shall open a valve fully open.





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It is possible to receive an SMS with mixed constants and numeric variables. I attached an application i modified for your convenience.

Please open the application and go to the SMS config function block.

You will see the MB1 is activated when message successfully received, and the time value is stored to three different MI's.


Please note that to send a variable, the syntax needed to be sent from the phone is as follows (let's assume that the time is 11:11.11):


FIRE at Station 2 Time #11#:#11.#11#


Just to make it clear - for the PLC to recognize a variable, you need to wrap it with pound signs


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