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How to use the array instuctions


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Hi, the UniLogic arrays are 1 dimentional.

However, you can use the Data Tables... 


I'm assuming that all the columns are from the same type, right?

If so, create a Struct, with 1 member which is an array (of the type you want) with a dimension of 500.

Then create a Data Table which is linked to that struct, and set the rows to be 10.

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Hey Saragani,  I have to have a bunch of different parts depending on the job number.  So if the job number is 1 you may need a part from bowl 1,2,4,6,8,10 if it is job 2 you may need a part from all 10 bowl.  what I will do is turn on the lights and open the doors to the bins that hole the parts depending on the job number entered.  So I guess what I need to do is have an array that would start with job number then when the operator enters the job number the array would lookup what parts are need and set it to that program. 

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Thats looks like something you can do with a Data table.

Just fill the correct data for each row, and when the operator enters a job number, read the correct row and use it.


And since it is a data table, you can also save it to file, and load it

(Or export the table to Excel, edit it and import the values back to UniLogic, or generate a data table file from the excel file and use it to load it from Ladder).

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