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V350 Invisible keypad in string variable

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I am working with a V350-35-TR20 (I have updated the OS to 3.9(06)) and Visilogic 9.7.9 Build 2.
In the displays with variable strings. when I touch an ASCII string, the keypad is not visible (keypad entry is enabled) , just is shown the description and the entry area, but not the keyboard.
Touching the screen, characters appears in the entry area (but the keyboard is not visible, I just touch in the places where should be the keys).
In variable numbers the keypad works properly.
Working with remote access, the virtual keypad pops up normally.
Has anyone had this problem? 


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This can occur if the system images have become corrupted corrupted. The keyboard is still functional even thought the keyboard is not visible. The images becoming corrupted, distorted, or missing is not common but can sometimes occur after updating the firmware in a controller or after many downloads. If images become distorted or corrupted please follow these steps to resolve the issue:


  • Download the latest system files (O/S, BinLib. BOOT) via COM port RS232 (or mini-USB). If OS is up-to-date, please click “advanced” and select files for OS, boot, bin lib. Please select the largest numbered file in the available folder.
  • Download a blank application
  • Open your project and restore the system images (see below how to)

    Restore System Images

  • Perform build all from "build" menu
  • Download your application.
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Thank you UniGuru, I have made what you suggest, but it didn't work.

I downloaded the OS 3.8(18) using advanced option.

When I tried to download the project, Visilogic 9.7.9 didn't do it and asked me update the OS.

So I rewrote the program to Visilogic 9.4.0, then I could download the project.

With this version of OS, the keypad for string works well.

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If the VisiLogic version and O/S version were not a match then it will display the PLC needs to be updated message. You can also check for more recently released O/S files under the help drop down in VisiLogic.


I'm glad to hear that it's working with VisiLogic 9.4.0, though the same steps should solve the issue in all VisiLogic releases. If you continue to experience any issues please send an email to support@unitronics.com.

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There is an issue that version 9.7.9 causes images to not show up correctly and the invisible keypads you talked about.  The buttons are still there and if you touch the screen things actually happen but you can not see anything.  If you go up to the current downloadable version 9.7.24 it seems to fix everything and all is good again.  Going back is fine, but if you have newer hardware you need to program like a SAMBA 9.4 will not recognize the hardware.



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