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Problem with V1210 - PLC goes to stop mode

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At the end of January i changed program in PLC (I have few lines in one Net - last ldr error). It seemed that it will be ok (earlier plc work about 2 weeks now it's work 7 weeks), but today PLC stop and i have new error code. 

Awaria Plc 2


This Ldr error code  follow to 


What is wrong in this nets?

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There does not appear to be anything wrong with the code in the image that you posted.


Has this issue occurred again? If the issue is repeatable please send your program in for further review to support@unitronics.com


If we are able to replicate this issue consistently we may be able to determine the issue that caused it. Often this type of error occurs when a very specific sequence of events occurs within the PLC. Please let us know the exact conditions of any I/O or settings within the controller that led up to this error being displayed.

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1 hour ago, Flex727 said:

"No Application" means there is no software in the PLC for it to run. Was the battery removed? If not,  it may have failed.  How old is the PLC? The battery typically lasts about 10 years. You will need to find the original .vlp file or a file that was saved to an SD card.

Thanks for the reply

What i should do now ..sir?

Where i can find vlp file.

I have nothing here ...


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The .vlp file is created by Visilogic software and is the PLC program.

If you are not the original creator of the program you will need to get a copy of it.  Visilogic can be downloaded from this website and you can load the .vlp file into the PLC with it.

If you do not have or can not get the .vlp file then you are dead in the water.  

Joe T.

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15 hours ago, AlexUT said:

Do not make OS and any other update to old PLC hardware.

You have to use the same VisiLogic version you used last time.

Roll-back to OS 3.75 and to old VisiLogic.

Hope PLC will work.




Thank you for the reply I checked in website only VisiLogic  v7.1 available .I tried but I cant able to roll back .please help me to revert back os to 3.7.




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