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How to log alarms in HMI after reset


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I am building my first project with Visilogic and I want to be able to log the time, date and alarm after they have been reset or cleared. I am using a V350, my alarms are setup and they are being displayed in the HMI. The problem that I have is that after I reset my alarms I have no recording of the events. I want the operator to have the option to review the previous alarms and delet the log of events.


I will appreciate any recommendations.



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To be able to log alarm history on the V350 you should add an SD card to the PLC. The text below is taken from Visilogic help. Please look into it for more details.


Store Alarms History to SD

If a PLC contains an SD card, and the PLC application comprises Alarms, the PLC stores the first 8 Alarms in RAM, and then automatically transfers them to the Alarms folder on the SD card. You can view the Alarms file on PC via the SD Tools utilities.

When the PLC writes this type of data to the SD card, it creates a file with the extension .ual  in the Alarms folder.

To cause the PLC to write the entire Alarms History to the SD Card, turn SB 352 ON in your application.

An Alarm is added to the History buffer after it has:

  • become Inactive


  • has no Pending actions: View, Acknowledge, Reset.

The History display records the time the Alarm became active, the time it became inactive, and when Acknowledge and Reset were performed.

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