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Unistream Limitations ~ maximum remote i/o


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Anyone know if the Unistream platform would be capable of handling up to 32  analog inputs and 36+ digital outputs?  This would be controlled via RS485 through a banner serial radio (link below).  The master radio (wired to the unistream) would have 4 or 5 slave radios wired rs485 to 4 or 5 remote i/o devices (red lion i/o link below).







 I'm not looking for super fast speeds but it needs to be dependable. There will be no analog outputs or highspeed counters if that makes a difference. 




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Hi AndreasThoni,


If I understand your system's configuration - this is a wireless I/O network and no I/O's will be connected directly to the Unistream. 

In this configuration, one "Multihop Data Radio" will be connected to the Unistream. this master will be configured to handle all the data exchange between the remote slaves and the Unistream.

Unistream surely can handle such configuration (and much more). Unistream is equipped with an RS485 port and such network is easily defined.

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Thanks for the info Eyal!


        I'm building a prototype and breaking new ground trying to marry different components together to meet my i/o network needs.  Have you heard of anyone using any of the above mentioned components with unistream HMI+PLC's ? Do you foresee any specific challenges mating these devices together? 

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