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Steel Wire Rotary Cutting Machine (HIgh Speed)


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Hi All,


Need Some Guide From All For My Latest Project. I'm Really Interested To Use Unitronics (Never Use Before). 

This Is My second Rotary Cutting Machine Machine. Previously Used Keyence (KV-Nano) CPU. 

Can Anyone Help To Propose Unitronics System Hardware/Configuration?


Process Summary

Line Driver Encoder; To Measure Steel Wire Length, Then Give Signal To Servo To Start Cut.



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Hi Nettron2,

There are several products that are suitable for the suggested project. To narrow the results please provide more information, such as:

1. Besides the components mentioned, are there any more I/O's in the system? how many? for Analog I/O's, what's the required measurement resolution?

2. What is the frequency required for the encoder?

3. What is the requirement for the user interface? Unitronics has several display sizes, color/monochrome, touch display/keypad.

4. Does the signal for the servo is a simple switch, or is it a HSO?

5. Are there any requirements for communication ports?


In the meantime, I would recommend the Vision V350. This model consist of a 3.5" color touch display with built in I/O points, built in alarms screens and trends, several communication features, auto-tune PID, data logging to SD card and more.


For the product page press here

Also see comparison table in the attached pdf


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