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v1210 with Aquaread Blackbox

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My application is water analysis, the Ip68 rating is useful! so I aim to have all of the separate electrodes sending information to my PLC, which I can then use for test purposes and display on the HMI. 


I have in mind a good multi-parameter water analysis electrode to be used with my v1210. It can't be connected directly to the PLC, however the company offer a 'Blackbox' that enables RS485 protocol.

Can sensors communicate with the PLC over RS485? 


Here is the instruction manual to the Black Box: http://www.aquaread.co.uk/downloads/manuals/Aquaread-BlackBox-Manual.pdf


I've used analog input via 4-20ma before, but not rs485, any help would be great!






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Please know that the V1210 is rated at IP66/IP65 when panel mounted.


It is possible to connect sensors and other devices via a RS485 cable to our controllers. Many customers have used this option before. The RS485 is only the cable and you would also need to know the protocol that the sensor will be using. Over serial the V1210 can communicate Modbus or any open ASCII protocol. From the devices PDF it does seem that Modbus may be an option.


If using a protocol other than Modbus using our FB protocol blocks you can accept any ASCII string information as long as the message format is known.


Also, ensure that the COM port on the V1210 uses the same serial communication settings as the Black Box device.

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