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I have a question about ladder programming (in visilogic):


MI1 is coming from a keypad entry, the value range is 0-100.

MI2 is coming from an analog input, and is already scaled to the range 0-100.


How can i force MI1 to #0 if MI2<20. The MI1 should not be changable by the keypad when MI2<20.


Sorry for such a easy and maby silly question.





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Hello IanM,


You can link a "Disable View" bit to the numeric variable.  Then in the ladder, use a compare function block to say "if MI2 < 20, then turn on 'Disable View' bit".  In other words, a 'less than' compare function block in series with a coil that is linked to the 'Disable View' bit. 


Let me know if this helps.

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