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Where to start? VisiLogic OPLC IDE


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Hi, my name is Oskar im from Iceland. I´m doing a final project in school. Im in machanical engineering.


Our project is about regulating temperature from a Cooling Tower (Cooling Tower in Powerplant).

We are using Samba SM43-J-T20 to do it. 2 heat sensors THERMASGARD HTF50 and 2 PO box 4-20mA.


My problem is "how to start":

1. When im choosing device in HWI config. there are so many things i dont understand.

2. Is this the wrong place to start ?

3. How to configure sensors on analog inputs and digital outputs ?

4. How to make the display ?

5. How to go forward from there ?

This is the system we are going to regulate.


1. Use Samba to sens temperature on hot and cold water. Use samba to control fan speed (freq. controled) and maeby the water velocity.

Any ideas how would be the easiest way to do this ?




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Hello Oskar,


Have you watched our webinars?  These will help you to get started with our software and help you understand where things are to complete your project.  I recommend watching the following videos to start you off:


   -Lights and Button Programming

   -Timers, HMI jumps, and more programming

   -Analog Programming


I believe these videos will really help you along with your project.


The HW configurator contains all of our products (PLC + HMIs, Expansion units, etc.) so there will be a lot that may not look familiar to you.  Basically, you should choose the unit you have (SM43) then it will prompt you for the exact type it is, which will determine you I/O (with you have the T20 model versus the R20 model).


Overall, I suggest watching the tutorials above first, then start mapping out your I/O and working on the logic.  The videos will help you understand how the HMIs are made, how to work with analog and digital I/O.   


Furthermore, we have example applications to help you along with your project in VisiLogic.  Please navigate to the help tab in VisiLogic, and choose the "Examples..." option, which will bring up a pop-up window.  Enter the "Version 900" folder, and then you can choose between project examples or functional examples.  It is fairly easy to convert projects made for other controllers to your controller type too.


Please let us know if this helps!

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