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controlling 2 stations with same code

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We already have a developed working machine, and the code within it is functional with the one work station on it. We do not have room in memory on the V120 we use to double the code, but still have one more output and two inputs that can monitor a second work station on a slightly reconfigured machine. can a small routine be written so that the 2 outputs can be swapped like a MB, and the same with the 4 inputs  be seen as 2 MB's for their status? Another MB flag could be used to toggle this function. any ideas or sample code ideas are welcome. jim_rinaldo@att.net

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To give you an update. I was able to create a subroutine that allowed me to switch from one work station to ther other with one subroutine. This took me about 2 weeks to develope and have a chance to test. This could be done for several work stations, if the binary math is sequenced properly. If intrested, I'll copy the subroutine later. It's on my work computer.

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