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Working today with a V1040, I found something I was not aware of; complex HMI screens use a tremendous amount of scan time.  I have placed 100 very small bar graphs on the screen with 100 very small bianary objects to create a graphic display of a process control profile.  Whenever this screen is active the scan time will increase from 2 ms to 10 ms and this is not good for my application.  I am trying to control a rather fast process with 100 profile points via analog output and 10ms is on the edge of non-functionality.  Is there a way to slow the refresh rate on this particular HMI screen, so as to decrease the scan time?

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Another suggestion mentioned in a related topic was to use one PLC dedicated to the processing, with some form of communication to a second PLC that handles the display.  Don't transfer as much information (if the display itself isn't critical).


Or as Flex727 mentioned, look into UniStream.


Unfortunately, HMI's are horribly intensive in terms of processing power required.  You don't realize it on computers because everything is accelerated through additional processors but PLCs and PACs don't normally have that option.

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