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V570 Add new row to DT or delete existing

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Hello all, 


I am trying to do recipe control fully controllable from plc using SD card, I have program that read DT from SD , there can edit DT rows and save them in SD card. So I want to make more administration options like add new row (new recipe) or delete existing row from Data table. As I saw there is block to delete row, but didn't see to add it ;/ any suggestions ?


And would be another question ,  how to set my data table information cells to outputs/inputs? Something like heating temperature 100degree and colding temperature -20 degree of celsius. I need to use some relay logic to turn off heating panel?

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As you mentioned there are functions to both clear a row and to write information into an existing row. If you want to add information to the table you would need to ensure that there are available rows.


Most of the functions when writing information require the table to reference, the row number to read/write, and the operand information that will be written to the data table. When clearing a row it will only require which table you are referencing, and which row number to clear.


If you are unfamiliar with our data table functions I would recommend reviewing the example programs within VisiLogic. They can be found under the Help drop down menu by selecting Examples/ Version 900/ Project Examples/ Data table.


Also helpful are our series of webinars. We have one specifically that focuses on data tables.




In order to reference temperate information from the table you would need to read the values from the table and store them into operands. These operands could then be used within the logic to control any digital outputs using comparison statements, or analog outputs if linearized for a 0-10, 0-20mA, or 4-20mA channel.

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