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Editing data tables (need help)

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Hello I have ladder code from examples to edit data table (recipe) and to write this row to SD card data table. In my mind I will have data table example 100 rows, 5 of them will hold recipe and 95 will be empty.

So I want to make another 2 things with data table:

1. Edit data table row (recipe) just to rows that hold any data (that is not empty). So I want to see just these rows who hold information.

2. Insert new recipe, it would show only empty rows, hiding rows that hold data.


Any suggestions or any help? 

Thanks for helping.

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You can use the read rows function to display information from the Data table on the HMI. You would need to keep track of which rows have been written. This read function could have an operand linked to the row number to read/edit. To start this value could be limited to 1-5. Each time a new recipe is added it can increase this value by 1, which would then allow the operator to read/edit rows 1-6 after this feature is implemented.


Limits can be placed on a button/command to increase/decrease the row number to read/edit. Math comparison statements can be utilized within the logic so that after reaching the upper limit (starting at 5) the button/command is disabled from operating. Again, each time the insert new recipe button/command is pressed it can increase this value by 1 and allow you to view 1 additional row.

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