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retrieve or copy files from an SD


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I want to recover the file (csv or utr) my SD.
Readfile void (string sourceFolderName, sourceFileName string, string TargetFolder, bool resumeRead, Unitronics .....)
My problem is with the string TargetFolder.
Help me please it's urgrnt


void bg_com_DoWork(object sender, DoWorkEventArgs e)

            Ethernet eth = new Ethernet(txt_adresse_ip.Text, 20256, EthProtocol.TCP);
            PLC plc = PLCFactory.GetPLC(eth, 0);

            SD.Folder excel1 = plc.SD.Dir(SD.SdFolder.EXCEL_EXCEL1, ".csv", false, null);
            int i;
            for (i = 0; i < excel1.Files.Count; i++)
                plc.SD.ReadFile(SD.SdFolder.EXCEL_EXCEL1, excel1.Files.Name, new ProgressStatusChangedDelegate(status_changed));
                tsttxt = excel1.Files.Name;
            plc.SD.ReadFile(SD.SdFolder.EXCEL_EXCEL1, excel1.Files.Name, destinationFile, true, new   ProgressStatusChangedDelegate(status_changed));


        void status_changed(RequestProgress requestProgress)
            if (requestProgress.NotificationType == RequestProgress.en_NotificationType.ProgressChanged)

        delegate void Callback(string s);

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"My problem is with the string and Boolean TargetFolder resumeRead." - You don't specify what is the problem...


destinationFile is where to save the file in your hard drive. If it says TargetFolder then it means that it is a path where the file with be saved in.

resumeRead is used in order to resume a file, if the transfer was canceled or interrupted in the middle.

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