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What happened to old forum?

Bill Smith

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Hi Bill,

We will lock the old forum for new posts at 08/08. But it will still remain open for reading and search. Currently we have no any final date to shut down at all. We will rise this question in at least 3 months and according to user's reaction will decide to close it finaly or to continue keep it alaive as knowledge base.

In any time you can copy/paste topic from there to the new forum to continue discussion or to start new one!

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I guess this has been asked internally, but is there any chance the old forum posts can be transferred to the new forum as a locked archive section?


why did you import all the post with the converter importing tool. then all post will show up in this forum allso??

i just wonder

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Nacho, no te preocupes...we can leave it there forever if need be :-)

I am going to go out on a limb and assume I speak for all of us, but unless the info gets stuffed into the new forum in some fashion I think we would all benefit from it being there forever. Can't imagine it takes up much resources.


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