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3G Modem sends SMS to only 1 recipient

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I have new ETM9440-1 3G modem connected to a Vision 1040 for SMS.

Modem initializes on PC & PLC OK, I have used Siemens T65 & Cinterion  in the "Com Init" block with success.

After the "SMS Send" block executes, the first recipient in phone book works and sends OK, but with more than 1 recipient in send function,Modem Status messages returns 8 (Unknown modem reply)


The modem uses the Cinterion EU3-3 or PH8-p engines.


Need to send up to 6 recipients per SMS message, with more than 64 different messages. 

Is this in theVvisilogic software or a modem config issue for multiple recipients??


Any help please??

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PLC recognize modem replays in accordance to selected modem type.

ETM9440-1 3G modem is not in supported modems list.

There is no issue in VisiLogic, and no issue in modem.

As a work around, you can add Ladder code to send multiple SMS one-by-one.

I hope this is the fastest and better solution.

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