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"Click" sound during a button press


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Yes, this should be possible using the Project Actions configuration which is located in the Solution Explorer in UniLogic. The Project Actions allows you to play a sound, such as a click, when a trigger bit is set. When the button is pressed a bit specifically for the sound can be set, then the Project Actions will play the sound. Please know that any trigger bit linked within Project Actions will automatically be reset by the system, so it is not recommended to use a trigger for multiple purposes.

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I just have a button on screen that it has an action to load a new screen and the same time has a second action to set a coil.


That coil is used  in project actions to trigger "play sound".


Once i press the button the new screen appears immediately but the click sound lags the actual click for about 1.5secs


Did you try it and you get a sound output as soon as you press the button?

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