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Unilogic can not find firmware


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My firmware manager of Unilogic cannot find any firmware files

He has surging for over 2 hours


I already reinstalled Unistream, bud no resold

Has Anyone a suggestion, how to solve this problem


In need to make a USB stick whit a Upgrade file for my panel

Thanks a lot

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Open a blank project in UniLogic.


On the icon line/ribbon  starting with   Download, go to the right, at the end  is UniStream Management


This is a dropdown,

  Choose  Firmware manager

    This will show the firmware required

       Copy to a DOK

          Notes:    Format  the DOK with 4096 sectors  ( works for me )

                         Use a DOK that does not have any software on it, it has to be BLANK to work properly.



One other thing:

    I normally install a Blank program into the PLC BEFORE upgrading ( use your last version of UniLogic to do this) because you will end up having to download an upgraded project into the PLC after the upgrade. Working with a Blank project just makes things easier.

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Hi, there is a known issue with the Firmware manager. It will not find firmwares (and the application might also crash) if the current user name on the computer has non-English characters.


This issue was already addressed and the fix will be avialable on the upcoming UniLogic 1.14 version.



If you can't wait for version 1.14, then please contact our support on how to extract the firmware update to your USB Stick.

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