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Ethernet Add-on for Jazz 2 | Activitang modbus

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I have a JAZZ2 PLC(JZ20-JT40) with OS V2.35(B08) and with ethernet addon(MJ20-ET1). The plc comes with 2.36 OS but, I have to reflash it because its totally crashed somehow. I can't start it.

I am able to connect with the programmer software(V6.6.6 latest).

I want to acces to the plc by modbus communication. I set up the sample program by the instructions on the help topic. The modbus topic is shows that, I must store some values to SI.

I attached the screen of the sample program. I think the SI values displays weird values.


What do I wrong?


Thank You


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When using special functions you will not directly see the values change within each SI. All the special functions use the same SI's so the value will never remain constant.


Currently it appears as if you have set up Modbus correctly. How are you attempting to connect to the unit? From the Modbus Client are you receiving any status messages? Also, are you connected to the Jazz controller while trying to connect? Our Ethernet card can only support 1 connection at a time.

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