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Pump Control QuestionT3

Mit Selihc

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So, my aim is to control a pump.


Timer Counts down (t1) -----> pump ON for 'x' seconds ------> Timer Finishes, Pump turns off


When pump has turned off, 'pump interval' timer begins (t2)


When interval timer has finished counting down ---------> power goes to t3-------> pump ON for 'x' seconds'.




Essentially, im using many different timers for to control one pump.


T1 is for the first flooding zone for the pump

T2 is an interval timer, needed to stop flow of water, so indexing valve can re align.

T3 is for the second flooding zone for the pump



Any thoughts on a quick solution?


As always, thanks for your help guys!

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Right, I think I've cracked it!


Just a few more questions!


Can you pre-set on the HMI for 2 timers but through the same numeric box?

I.E link two timers to the same numeric box...


Ideally, I'd like to have another 10 second pause in the pump use and then add in another zone after.


Let me know your thoughts on how to do this!



Pump Control.ulle

Pump Control.ulle

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