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Software crash while making timers

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Hi all,


I didn't see this posted yet, might have been and I just missed it.


I've come across a crash bug I thought I'd pass along. I tried to use the bug reporter but it wouldn't send (probably due to proxy settings and such on our systems here). Anyway. I've found that once you've been online, anytime you try to make a new timer the system crashes. Thankfully it's been recoverable each time, but the only way to break the cycle is to restart the computer. Scenario goes something like this:


Go online look at some variables.

Go offline.

Drop a timer block on the ladder (I've used both TA and TON with similiar results)

Use the variable creator and as soon as you go to save the timer you get a crash.


I will attach the crash log. I am using the latest version of 1.14 Rev44




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Our R&D issued a new UniLogic version 1.14.62. Please download and install this version.



Then upgrade the PLC to Bin V1.14.11 by choosing the "Forced" option in UniApp.

When the upgrade process is done, , re-download the project by performing "Rebuild-All" > "Download-All".


I hope it helps.

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