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Event Scan Equivalent

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Hi All,


Just picking brains. In the old Visologic software there was the Event Scan function which I found to be very useful and helpful in a lot of instances. I noticed that the Unistream doesn't have the same function (unless I just over looked it) any thoughts on how to get a similiar effect without 100 lines of code listing every bit?


I've tried putting all the bits into an array, then converting bits to numeric and using math to watch the numeric to see how many bits are on... just seemed kinda clunky, funky and painful. :)

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Hi :-)
In UniLogic, the Events function is performed by a UDFB, rather than a Ladder function.


If you have downloaded the UniLogic sample applications, there is one called UniStream_070_Events_UDFB.ulpr

You can open this application, tailor the function to your needs,  export the Events function into your library, and use it anywhere.

There is more information on the Library in the Help topic: Reusing Your Work: UDFBs & Screens, but following image shows the basics.


Sample App Events



If you aren't familiar with UDFBs, there is information in the Help topic>User-Defined Function Blocks --and also the tutorial I've linked to below.


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