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Timing when is a page loaded

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I'm working with a HMI screen with as initial load and a listener. When the sreen is active, the listener is also active. When I enter the screen, the load should only be executed once. To do so I'm working with buttons that set the bit Initial_load_refresh.

In the main now the direct contact with bit Initial_load_refresh is active and call function Initial_load is called. At the end of my Initial_load function I reset the bit Initial_load_refresh. 


The problem is that not every element that should be loaded by the function Initial_load is loaded. When i click three times on the pages everything is loaded. My own solution is to add a timer at the end of the function Initial_load which ends after a second, then resetting the Initial_load_refresh bit. 


This works, but does anyone know a better solution then putting at every initial_load function a timer?

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I have found the problem. I was loading pages at the same time. I guess it is very important to start each function with a direct contact and check if everything else is offline except for a listener. 


Now I load only the initial page and when resetting the refresh at the end of the page it works without a timer. After the refresh the pages is activated and thereby also the listener.  

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