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We are just no working on a plant i Greenland, We have av V1040 plc with ethernet card installed.

Lokal connections are working fine.


IT department on factory made a portforwardig to local PLC IP  with port 20256, in their network system.

I am able to ping wan IP from my IP in Norway (office)  so far evrything is ok.


But when visiologic try to connect it will not establish connection.  IT personell at plant can see that we are trying to accsess.


PLC NAME is correct  WAN ip is correct port nr is correct.  Can there be anything else in my project that cause trouble ?


Part of project file is attached, couldnot uploas more than 419.66 KB :-(  i have made a copy of ladder only


We have short of time, my employee has return ticket from Greenland at Tuesday. :-(


I have sevral other project that i can acsess from my office pc without any problem.


If anyone have inputs in this case I would be happy for that.








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