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I have an expanded V130 and am testing a 570. 12 bit analog inputs. I have been searching all the functions and help screens and haven't found an answer. This may be an easy one for someone out there.

I'm making a 0-5 inch measurement with a linear potentiometer and displaying that in text and a bargraph on the screen. In thousandths of an inch.

I want to get rid of the pot and use a ultrasonic distance sensor. After looking at the specs of the transducer and my setup it looks as though my maximum and minimum readings of these two types of devices may be opposite.

Is there a way to invert a analog input inside the program that will make this work and in real time?


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It seems you just need to use Linearization block (math menu) with the rigth settings for X1, Y1, X2 and Y2.

If you just want to "invert" AI, for 4-20 mA 12 bit the values ned to be

X1 = 819;

Y1 = 4095;

X2 = 4095

Y2 = 819.

I guess you wil lneed to make conversion direct to length, but the tip above will help you to find the direction.

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