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Did I really do this?


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A few weeks ago I replaced a power supply that was playing up.

I finally got to preparing invoicing etc and looked at the supply again to clarify something.  I discovered that I had marked it with S/N.  Huhh?

Why have I marked it as wanting the serial number?  Did I talk to the agents and they are replacing it?  Don't remember doing this.  Must have, but forgotten.  Hmmmmmm.

Thought about it some more, without luck, during finishing the invoice and then put the supply into my electronics recycle bin.  During this process I managed to turn it around 180° and everything became clear!  My marking of S/N became N/S....Not Serviceable!!!

Did I really do this?  Yep!   Did I feel stoooooopid?  Yep!  But I thought some of you might laugh.

Normally I mark things as R/S (rat poo...being polite) so this is the excuse I'm using!



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Had another laugh today, a few seconds after calling myself dumbo.

I was altering a cover that goes on the supply sub to my workshop.  Because of this I had the power off to the workshop on the main board.

"Hmmm", says self, "this will be much easier to drill in the workshop."

So off walks self to the workshop with the cover, clamps it all securely in the big drill press, lines the first hole up, and pushes the button.

Huh?  Not working?

That would be because you've got the power off to the workshop so that you can modify the sub's cover......you goose!

cheers, Aus     😵

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