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UniLogic - HMI Group Edit and Lock


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Can you add the ability to edit common attributes if multiple elements are selected. Eg. Tag visibility, Font Properties etc etc. Rather than having to edit all the items individually.. Also the ability to 'Group' HMI elements so you can move or edit them and their positions all remain in tact with each other. Also a 'Lock' Position to prevent accidentally moving elements. 

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There is something like that. It copies the styles from one element to the other (the elements must be from the same type).

It doesn't copy texts or tags, and on elements that have multiple texts (like List of Text), the fonts are ignored (since there might be different number of texts).

Sizes are also ignored (since it copies style, and size might be irrelevant on some cases).



For example, I have 2 buttons, one with the normal color and the other one is red.

I select both... and then I right click on the element that has the style I want,

Then choose: Apply Layout to all selected Button elements.

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