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Redundant Active Ethernet Servers

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For the V130, is it possible to connect to 2 Ethernet masters at the same time for polling?  I have a customer using an Active-Active Redundant SCADA system polling with 2 masters at one time.  They would prefer not to use an Ethernet Gateway and connect to the RS-485 terminal.  If not, is there any thought to upgrading the O/S to handle this capability?  If that is not planned or possible, do ANY Unitronics PLC's have the ability to communicate with 2 Ethernet masters concurrently?

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The sockets must be initialized to different port numbers or else communication conflicts ensue.  I would recommend putting one socket at port 502, then the other at 503.  This will ensure communication conflicts arise and the masters will know which port/socket to send the data to.


Hope this helps.

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