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USB Download works on one unit and not on another

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I have downloaded several V570's via USB to Unitronic's mini USB. Using same PC and cable the next two 570's we had no communication, USB cable was unrecognized in device manager. I was able to use port 1 and USB to RS 232 to program unit, but still need to know what is going on. (usb to usb is so much easier) Is the USB port bad out of the box?, Did I somehow kill it? or is there some sort of workaround. Any help would be appreciated.


Matt Top.

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Do you have any other Unitronics USB-mini cables to test with? Does the same cable work with previous V570's? 


By testing with a secondary cable and other V570's you should be able to determine if it is the cable that is the issue.

Have used other cables and other PC's units previously downloaded have shipped out so retest isn't an option at this point. Tomorrow I will get a new unit from stock and test. Thanks for the reply.

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