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Forcing Analog values


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Hi, is there a way that I can Force analog I/O, especifically the Analog In value?, I'm trying to simulate my process for debugging and I've already forced the digital inputs, but I can't seem to force an analog In, In my process I need to check the level of 4 tanks and a weight scale, I get this information through 4 LT and a Weight transmitter installed in the plant but in my office I only Have one process calibrator, so it would be really helpfull if there is a way that I can Force this value.

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Hi Joesteva,


There is no way to force a analog input within the software without supplying current or voltage to the terminal. 


What I would recommend is to create a new "Test" tag, and replace the analog input in your code with this tag. Once this is done, you can change the "test" tag to simulate an incoming value.


I hope you find this helpful.





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