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How to convert hmi created for 1040 to 570?

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The screen resolution is 800x600 on the V1040 while the screen resolution is 320x240 on the V570. When you change the PLC model in the HW Configuration from V1040 to V570, every HMI element beyond 320x240 will be permanently lost. You will first need to update every screen on the V1040 program (save under a different name) to fit all the elements within 320x240. HMI elements will need to be re-sized, moved, and fonts changed. After completing that, you will be able to change the PLC entry in the HW Configuration and the program should work properly. Be aware that if you have complex graphics with shading or 3D effects, you will lose much of that detail due to the reduced number of pixels available to work with.


After the update be sure to thoroughly test your resulting program with the V570.

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