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SI 66 SD card Status bitmap

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Hello, i use SD card in my project. I have put SI 66 value into display of my v350, when i log csv file onto the SD card it shows 0, as there is no error, however when i start to log alarms to SD it constantly shows me 2, like bit 1 is active. I could not find what exactly means Read: End Of File indication. What does it mean? Is it an error? I do not understand because everything logs fine, csv and alarms are found in appropriate SD folders. But this thing really bothers me.

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Based on the manual it is an error, but it's read related.


Have you tried resetting it after recording an alarm to see if it returns immediately?


I just tried it and it returns. And, sorry my bad, it is not read error bit 2 is Can't open file. The strange thing is that everything logs fine, alarms and csv file. Could it be because I also log a row in CSV when alarm occurs, so it logs alarm history and it logs row at the same time? But when I disabled that write row to CSV when the error occurs, it still shows the same status. What can be the problem ?

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