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wiring electro sensor model 906 hall effect

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I am updating a project with an NPN hall effect sensor. I am wondering exactly how to wire it properly to the i/o card. The sensor has 3 wires, voltage +, voltage - and signal out. I'll have to install 

it on the bank of digital inputs 10-18 as these are currently unused. I am using the v200-18-e5b snap in module. Your help is greatly appreciated. thanks guys.

btw, I am using this as a pulse reference for a timer to determine if the part is moving and if not, it will shut down after a predetermined length of time. If it is important, the rpm is 30 with 8 pulses per revolution yielding 4 pulses per second. The sensor in question is the model 906 from electro-sensors.com


thanks again.



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thank you uniguru but I have just one clarification needed.  If I use the same power positive and negative as my power supply for the sensor, which is 24v rated btw, can I just send the signal line to the digital input of my choosing? Of course, I know to setup the hardware to expect the signal on say line input 12. could you possibly draw the schematic as you would wire it? Thanks again.

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