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UniLogic with EX-RC1


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Thanks Flex727, I found the example file.


I had to modify it to only have the AI4AO2 and then I downloaded it to my EX-RC1. I also did the export to Unilogic and then imported back into visilogic like the tutorial and the help files show and it still doesn't seem to be working for me. I do have a flashing green "Bus COMM" light on the front of the EX-RC1. According to the EX-RC1 Spec sheet, this means that it is in STOP Mode. I connected to the EX-RC1 and tried forcing it to the Run mode using Visilogic (Reset options in the "Communication - PC settings"). and I cannot seem to get the light to stop flashing. 


How do I fix this?

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I just tried forcing the EX-Rc1 into stop mode and the IO COMM light started flashing so I think I misread the spec sheet for the EX-RC1. The blinking Bus COMM light seems to be telling me that the communication to the OPLC is not established. Does this mean that only the wiring could be the problem or is there some other possibility that could be causing the fault?


I should mention that I am using only (1)  EX-RC1 and according to the wiring diagram for the a CANBus network, there are (2) resistors at each end of the network. At the moment, I am not using any resistors in my network because I could not figure out where to put them and I was not sure if they are needed when only (1) module is used. Is it possible that the lack of resistors could be causing the problem? 


For reference, I am getting a solid green light for IO Comm on the EX-RC1 and a the RUN light on the AI4AO2.

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When using the EX-RC1   with UniStream,   DO NOT USE THE VISILOGIC EXAMPLE PROGRAMS !!

Down load the UniStream Examples  from the UniLogic Download area  -- just below the UniLogic download..

There are EX-RC1  Examples related to UniStream there.  UniStream uses different registers than Visilogic.

Based on my experiences  , I have written a sequence of  steps to take to use 1 or more EX-RC1  with UniLogic .

Yes, there are  steps that must be done ( Visilogic is Involved also) in order to do it successfully.




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And if any wiring method for any type of communication link says to use resistors, do it.  Sometimes it will work without them, but they are there for a reason.

Generally I put them into the relevant bootlace before crimping.  This can be a bit fiddly at times, but works best.



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Sorry DerekGodown, I was unable to get theComm Link to work so I gave up on it. It was an experimental task for me and I did not have a real application so not getting it to work was not a huge problem. I can say that I was trying to use an example program so the example program I was using may have had issues as DanT had mentioned

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