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I have downloaded a demo project to a new V290.

The project appears to download fine but when the display appears, the fixed text characters (and graphics) are jumbled up. The text/grahics appear in the correct locations but the the right side of the character is displayed to the left of the left side of the character (and a similar effect for line graphics).

I'm using Visilogic 9.0.1 Build 0

Using Visilogic I have checked the OS as 5.04(B18) / Font 1.30 (B00)

My hardware is:




Anyone know where I'm going wrong?

Since original post. I've installed VisiLogic 8.01 on another PC. This works fine with the with OS 5.04.

Unfortunately I don't see any way of downgrading my project file.

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Has this issue been resolved with Visilogic 9.3.0?

I seem to be having the same problem as the OP

The text and images are corrupted after i download to the V290


O/S: 5.04 (23)


Using Visilogic 9.3.0 Build 0

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Today I'we faced the same problem (V9.3.0) . I think the main point is,that I can not select V290 in the HW screen. (only v530/v290). The Visilogic SW selects V530 HMI, and not the V290.

If I open an old V290 Project and modify it: works (I see V290 HMI), and the downloaded project looks good.

Nice solution would be to enable selecting V290 on the HW screen.

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