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HMI Display active bit


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  • MVP 2023

I notice in the Vision products that the bit assigned to be ON when an HMI Display is active does not get reset if that screen is active when the PLC is reset. Is this a feature or a bug? Shouldn't we expect that a bit assigned to be ON when a display is active be turned off when that display is no longer active, even if that happened due to a PLC reset?


I make it a habit to assign a power-up Reset to each of those bits to prevent unexpected problems, but I can find no mention of this issue in the Help files.

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  • MVP 2023

I just had a customer problem caused by this bug so I want to give this thread a bump. It was an older program that was written before I realized I had to take action in the software to prevent the problem. If this bug can't be fixed easily in the firmware (or VisiLogic software), I strongly recommend that it at least be mentioned in the Help files.

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Hi Flex  :) 

I'm glad you caught this. The Help does actually have a note:

In addition, you can link an MB which will be ON while the Display is shown on screen, or an XB which will change status.
Note that this MB should be reset at power-up.

However, the Help button in Display Links and Jumps went to the wrong topic--Import and Export Displays!

I have fixed this, and you will see it in the next release--thank you for catching this  :) 

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