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Stop reasons - No Application error

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I am bassicaly new at this forum and also at Unitronics PLCs. However i got assigment to solve a problem with Unistronics PLC V1210. At start screen PLC is showing message - No Application and I need to remove this message and upload old program. I read at forum about it and its probably because power failure or battery is running low. I tried to download program to PLC  via ethernet cable and i got this message (Capture). How to setup communication and download program to PLC? And when I succesfully download and burn program to PLC this message no aplication will dissapear? I have attached images to this post below.


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The easiest thing to do is to use a serial or USB cable to download the program. If you don't have that available and must download using ethernet, do the following:


1) Confirm that PLC and PC are on the same subnet (192.168.192.xxx, in your photo). Change one or the other to match.

2) Identify the PLC Name. Go to INFO Mode / Version / Software / PLC Name

3) Enter the correct PLC IP address and PLC name in the VisiLogic - Connection / Communication - PC Settings / Select Connection Type - TCP/IP (Call), then Project Settings.


Test connection by clicking on Get OPLC Information.


I recommend checking and/or replacing the battery immediately to avoid having to repeat all this. You can check the battery by going online with the PLC and looking at the value of SB8. A value of 1 means the battery needs replacing.


Good luck!

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Hello again and thanks for answer.


I tried to download with ethernet but same problem. However i acquired USB cable and now im trying to download program but i get error. Invalide procedure call or argument. How to solve this, install USB driver and download program succesfully to PLC with USB cable?


Best regards,



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