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Very odd situation, for the first time in a decade using VisiLogic: Yesterday, after I finished my current project I burned "Upload Project" to the V570 and saved the file. My normal procedure is to make file backup, so I instantly used "Save as" within the same folder with _bak added to the project name. After that I performed verification with the OPLC, which returned all the check marks as usual. Furthermore, my normal routine includes synronising "Documents" folder with the one on a USB memory stick, which I also performed imediatelly.

This morning i needed to change some small detail in a program, so I normally performed verification before making any changes to a program, imediatelly upon making a connection to the OPLC, and it failed! Instead of check marks I've got a red crosses next to "Download DLU's" and "Project upload file" fields


I also tried to verify other 3 backup files (one from the computer and other two from USB memory stick and all the time I get the same result.

At the moment I am very concerned about that. Hundreds of time I preformed the same routine without any problem, and now this!

OK, I decided that it is not possible that all four copies of the same project file are corrupted, so I decided to discard the OPLC content and burn the project again and see what i am going to get with that. But before doing so, I tried to upload the project from the OPLC to a new project. Upon finishing the upload the verification again failed the same way as before! It says the the uploaded project is not the same as himself! Is it possible that really the project image file was corrupted withing the PLC flash memory?

After I made necessary changes, I burnt the project again to the V570 and performed the same backup routine as described. All the verification passed, but we'll see what is going to happen tomorrow...


I use latest VisiLogic 9.8.18 with up-to-date operating system files on a Win10 machine.


What happened?  :wacko:

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