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schedule switching on/off with different time


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Hello I am new user in program unilogic


I have a CPU USP 156-B10 (15) and connected to it EXRC1 and IO moduls. 

We used unilogic for local illumination in the company.


How can to facilitate the use of time switching on/off different light with different time for a different schedule.


In function of schedule can switched on and off an output (lamp). This is not a problem.

I want the same schedule for all lamp  to on and off a different outputs with different preset times.!!!


how could be used this? 


thanks for halp 







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Hello Marko,


I am not sure I understand your application.  COuld you explain what you mean by "all lamps to turn on and off different outputs with different preset times"?


Would you like the user to se the schedule for all lamps?  Or would you like them to be able to set schedules for the individual lamps?

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Hello Marko,


Thank you for this clarification.


You simplest way would be to create schedule blocks for each lamp.  The schedule blocks are designed to only activate following elements (to the right of it) once the schedule parameters match the RTC.


You may indirectly change the schedule settings, however, you would still need to create bits to activate/deactivate certain outputs after the schedule.


Hope this helps.

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