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UIA-0800N resolution at 4-20mA


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A very simlpe question this time... :-)

According to documentation, the UIA-0800N has 13 bit resolution.

Also it states in the documentation that " The 4-20mA input option is implemented using 0-20mA input range."

For me this would mean that the value read from the card will be in the range 1638-8192 for a 4-20 mA signal.

However, it seems to me that the value read on the AI is still 0-8192 for a 4-20 mA signal....

What is then the actual resolution for the for a 4-20 mA signal? 8192 or 6554 (8192-1638)?



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The resolution is still retained at 13 bit when the 4-20mA selection is made. It will still have the default 0-8191 available, though you can manually enter the min and max value should you wish to scale the 4-20 resolution into real world engineering units. This allows you to bypass needing to implement a linearization block within the ladder.

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Thanks for your clearifying answer. The possibility of free scaling is not wery well described in the manuals.

The way I understand you the resolution is maintained at 8191 even when 4-20mA is selected. Is this correct?

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