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Unican sends 512 MIs per scan....How?

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Hi all,


I'm confused on this one and can't find anything in help files.


I have been using Unican fine before in transferring data b/n V130s & 120s, running at 500Kb.  But the data has always amounted to one lot which is less than 16 MIs. I now have to shift more info around and I can't figure out how to do this in one scan.


I quote "A UniCAN application can send up to 32 messages, each containing 16 integer values, totaling 512 MI register values during a single program scan."


If the Unican Send function only lets me do 16 MIs max, how do I send 32 x 16 of them in the extreme example?  Is the statement only referring to the ability to send it to 32 different plcs?


Ideally I want to assemble a single Mixed Data Struct that will end up at about 70MIs and send it out in one hit.  But the only way I can think to send it, based on the info I have found, is to split it up into 5 x Structs at 16MIs max, and then do 5 sequential 16 MI sends on Unican, each one waiting clearance to have it's turn until starting over, and each one offsetting the required amount.


I am obviously missing something here.  Can someone please point me to a help file that explains this concept, or offer their solutions?  Or have I got it right with the sequential sends?





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Hi all,


further to this, and following some much appreciated advice from Joe T, you can just put the sends in series in the one scan and it works fine.  I am still investigating how many I can do reliably.  At present I have 3 going ok and will increase this slowly, but perhaps it can run up to the full 32 mentioned without issue.  I have them all set as low priority at present.


Cara, could we please have a bit more literature available about this?  I can find nothing at all for this scenario which can't be unusual.  It would be nice to know the official knowledge/version to save experimentation hassles.





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