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Subroutine import with dummy IDs


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Hi again,    (on another sad day for the world)


A very useful feature for me would be the ability to have a tick box present during the import subroutine process that lets you select whether or not to import all the user defined descriptions, or have them substituted with a "dummy".


I often import code, but invariably due to each project I work on needing vastly different aspects, it is just not possible to utilise the same numbers and descriptions.  But...and this is the crux of the ask....the ladder/routine construction is essentially the same.


It would be great if the import process could simply go through all the elements and anything that is not system related is changed to a "dummy" number and the description is blanked.  One would then only have to adjust labels and names to suit, but this would be far far easier than the current process which can get very confusing.  This way it would only be a case of progressing through that routine/ladder, finding anything that is "dummy marked" (perhaps a #, ?) and adjusting things via a few mouse clicks to match up to the current program.





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