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How to send variables with decimal point REAL (MF`s) over Modbus-TCP/IP?

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Would someone explain me how can I send correctly variables type REAL (MF`s) over Modbus-TCP?


I am working with a PLC V1210 with Internet card V200-19-ET2, it talks to an Anybus X-gateway ( AB7629-F) which is Profibus-Master and Modbus Slave then the Anybus will send the data to a Nachi Robot CFD controller. I already set the comms between all devices and I can send/receive data to each other.


My problem starts when I try to send the variable with decimal point (i.e 1.5) to the robot. But let me explain where I have got so far.


Before send it to the robot I get the MF0 and copied to a DW0 variable with COPY MEMORY function with the following parameters:


MF0 = A

0 = B

DW0 = C

0 = D

4 = E


When I store the value 1 to MF0 my DW0 displays the value 16256 and the Robot gets the same value 16256. However when I start to change the values into MF0 the robot starts receive different values. I have tried many things but I believe I have missed some information in terms how to convert these variables type.



The robot program side gets block of 32 bits and then convert to a DINT variable and after that /100 and store the result into a variable type REAL with decimal point.


If there is anyone who could give me a explanation how to deal with this problem would be great.


Thanks for now and this is my first topic.






I already set the comms between all devices and I can send/receive data to each other.

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